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The Super Useful Guide To Managing Meltdowns

The Super Useful Guide To Managing Meltdowns

This ebook guide will take you step-by-step through understanding and coping with each stage of a meltdown, creating an action plan and tips for planning ahead and prevention.

The key to staying afloat during the stress of a meltdown is not just knowing why they happen and how to intervene, it's being able to remember what to do in the middle of the chaos. 

  • What is a meltdown? 
  • How is it different from a tantrum? 
  • What kinds of events can trigger one? 
  • What causes meltdowns to escalate towards explosion? 
  • When should you intervene, and how? 
  • What should you do after a meltdown is over to avoid re-triggering it? 
  • What steps can you take to reduce the chances of another one? 
  • What can you do ahead of time to help yourself cope? 
  • What is a meltdown action plan, and how do you make one?

Get on top of meltdowns with loads of practical advice that you can start using today.

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Format: PDF   Pages: 55   Size: 7MB

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"This has been a great read with practical ideas!"