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45 Ideas For Classroom Friendly Fidget Toys

45 Ideas For Classroom Friendly Fidget Toys
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Do you have kids who like to wriggle, move around, bite their nails or doodle when you need them to concentrate? Then they might benefit from the use of fidget toys.

This free booklet explains what fidget toys are all about, with lots of brightly illustrated examples of objects that can provide tactile, visual, vestibular and deep pressure sensory input:

  • What is a fidget toy?
  • Who uses them?
  • What makes a good fidget toy?
  • Tips for using them in the classroom

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You can also download '45 Ideas For Classroom Friendly Fidget Toys' from the Snagglebox store on Teachers Pay Teachers.



Format: PDF   Pages: 10   Size: 2 MB

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"Thank you for such a great resource! I have been told these things before, but it is lovely to have a reminder - all in one spot!"
"Wow! I'm an OT and I will be sharing this link with so many parents! I think I am going to put a copy in my waiting room. My parents are going to love this!"
"Great visuals! Great to share with teachers!"
"Great, concise source. I had never thought of some of these items. Thank you."
"Great ideas-thanks so much."
"This is a great list. Thank you for all the new ideas :)"
"These are some great ideas! I already have a lot of this stuff lying around, nice to find suggestions that don't cost a lot."
"This is very useful information. Thank you."
"Really helpful for reg. ed. teachers! Thanks!!"
"My older son is a fidgeter and I'm sure I can use some of the things with him at home, and pass on some info to his teachers at school too."
"Has some ideas I have not thought about. Thanks for sharing."
"Thanks so much for this super valuable resource!"
"Thanks, this will help me!"
"Thanks for the resource of such creative ideas!"

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