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Autism Prep Kit For Teachers

Autism Prep Kit For Teachers

Do your autistic kids have a new teacher this semester? Are you a teacher who has an autistic student for the first time? Then this guide can help!

The kit is designed to help teachers get a feel for what to expect and how to make their new student comfortable in the classroom. It includes sections on:

  • Organizing learning spaces
  • Making schedules and visual supports
  • Understanding common autistic behaviours
  • Getting to know your new student
  • Ideas to help them settle in

Over 100 pages of helpful tips and printables! Download a free sneak preview using the link above for more details about what's included

How To Buy

Click on the green PREVIEW button to open a sample of the ebook in your browser window. If you like what you see and want to read more, click on the blue BUY NOW button to complete your purchase through PayPal. The download link will be emailed to the address listed in your PayPal account.

If you don't have a PayPal account, or would like to use a school purchase order, you can also download 'Autism Prep Kit For Teachers ' from the Snagglebox store on Teachers Pay Teachers.


Format: PDF   Pages: 123   Size: 23 MB


What people are saying about Autism Prep Kit For Teachers...
"Very organized, such a great reference!"
"Wonderful resource! Thanks for sharing."
"I am doing a workshop & was trying to find a resource that general Ed teachers would find helpful! Exactly what I needed."
"Full of fantastic ideas but more than that it gives me the understanding of why these things might help."
"Very informational! Thanks!"
"Useful, very interesting, and educational! Thank you."
"This resource is great! Would be wonderful for new teachers!"
"Thanks so much! I am heading back to teaching after a leave and would like to make the transition as smooth for my autistic student as possible."
"This is a great starting point for a new Kinder child with Autism in a mainstream room. It gave me confidence to voice what I wanted for my student."
"Thankyou, this is really helpful!"
"Great resource for regular educators!"
"Fantastic reading. Really useful, will be using it to help the child I've been working with make the transition through school :)"
"Thank you! This is so helpful, I've just started with a new student and this makes me feel much more confident now."
"Thanks... love it!"
"I love having this all in one place!"
"Love it! I just upgraded to a self contained ASD unit this year and appreciate the classroom setup tips."
"This will not only help me in preparing for the school year, but my classroom teacher's as well."
"Wonderful, practical resource!"
"This was good information."
"Thank you for the information, knowing more about what to do will be an asset."
"This is a concise tool to flip through and use through out the year."
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