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The Jake Series - hardcover children's books about disability

As part of the Help A Child Grow fund, non-proft group Therapy Focus run an annual art competition to raise awareness about disabilities amongst school-aged kids.

Every year thousands of children spend time in class reading and discussing a story that highlights themes of acceptance and inclusion. They then select one page to illustrate in any way they like, and the winning entries are published as a beautiful hardcover storybook.

For the past three years I've had the honour of being the author chosen to write these storybooks. It's been such a pleasure to bring these themes to life through the recurring character of Jake, an autistic boy who embarks on adventures that are familiar to everyone - losing a tooth, conquering a fear, helping your friends.

Watching children embrace these stories and bring them to life has been a truly wonderful experience for me, and I look forward to it every year.

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Jake Learns The Tooth

Read along as Jake heads out on a mission to thwart
The Tooth Fairy's devious plans for his first loose tooth.

"I could not believe what my dad had just said.
I rolled it around and around in my head.
I thought, she does WHAT? She takes all of my teeth?
At night while I’m resting in bed fast asleep?"



Jake Rides The Roller Coaster

Jake and his friends are heading out for a day of fun,
and in the process help each other cope with
some of the things that they find scary. 

"Have you ever been so scared your knees start to shake
and your hands start to tremble? Your head starts to ache?
When your heart is thump-thumping and trying to get free
and your tummy does flips? Well that’s happening to me."



Jake's First Sleepover

Jake's not sure what to expect at his first sleepover.
Will they have his favourite foods? Can he sleep with the light on?
There are a lot of new things to think about,
but with his best friend Hannah and pet lizard Binky
they find a way to make it a little less scary and a lot more fun.

"I really like camping so that part sounds fine,
and I like Hannah too. We have a good time.
But although I'm excited, I just can't deny
that I feel a bit nervous. Do you want to know why?"





So where can I buy them?

The hardcover Jake storybooks are fun rhyming stories aimed at young readers. They're available from Therapy Focus (where you can also get them as a set at a special discounted price). 

The proceeds go to the Help a Child Grow Fund, which provides equipment, activities and resources to children and young people with disabilities. They're good people doing wonderful things!

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Note: Therapy Focus are based in Australia but deliver worldwide, so go ahead and email them directly for international orders!