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The Great Thanking of 2012

The Great Thanking of 2012

I'm not an American, so the closest I've ever been to celebrating Thanksgiving was the time I almost ran over a dude dressed as a turkey. But right now I'm feeling especially thankful. It's been a tough week for my husband's family, the kind of week to make you stop and think about the people you love and (if you're super lucky like I am) love you back.

And this has made me think a lot about the friends I have here in the blogosphere. I don't know what I did right, but the universe has seen fit to send some truly spectacular people my way. They've been so good to me, and I love them all more than I will ever admit to their faces.

So here's a shout out to just some of the folks who've had my back this year. I've linked to one of their posts that I loved, so go check out their blogs because they are awesome, awesome people. Drinks are on me, guys! *

*  There will be no drinks.

Mac at Homestyle Mama (with a side of autism)

Long before I knew her, I loved Mac for her funny, warm and down-to-earth way of telling the truth about what life's really like raising a bunch of kids with extra needs. So you can imagine how crazy great it was to finally meet her (online, but that totally counts) and find out that she's the real deal. I love her to bits, and can't thank her enough for being a true friend.

Lori at Savvy Advocate Mom and More

Right from the very beginning Lori has been cheering me on. She reads and shares nearly everything that I write, leaving me insightful and encouraging comments and just generally being a wonderful support. Not only that, her blog is full of really helpful stuff - I particularly love the app reviews she does. Thanks Lori!

Jim at Just a Lil Blog

Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like Jim. You might know him from the Target post, but he was my first Twitter follower way back when and has been making me laugh, cry, cringe and want to hurl things at him ever since. His blog about life with his adorable family is a must-read, he's perfected the art of bringing the smart with the funny. Although he's written a ton of interesting and moving posts, the one I've linked to is just sweet and stupid and makes you smile... like Jim.

Marj at The Domestic Goddess

I don't think she knows this, but Marj's was the first autism parenting blog I ever read. I connected with her writing straight away, and lurked for a long time like a creepy stalker. She was one of the first people I ever reached out to when I started this blog, and she was kind enough to follow me back. She's a totally cool chick and I want to be her when I grow up.

Alysia at Try Defying Gravity

This will surprise nobody, but I suck at Song Pop. Max was routinely kicking my ass so I decided I would sneakily practice behind his back and then pounce on him with my enhanced ninja-song-guessing skills. Alysia answered my call for a practice buddy, and graciously continued to play with me long after it was painfully apparent that I have the reflexes of a sedated stoner. This post of hers made me wail and immediately pick up the phone to my dad (he didn't understand much of what I said).

Diane at Adventures With Riley

She'd probably laugh at this, but Diane is one of those people that just can't help making you feel good. She's been through some stuff, and life with her teenage sons sure isn't a walk in the park, but she makes me smile on a regular basis. Also, she's a great supporter of this blog. Love you Diane.

Linda at Autism and Oughtisms

I admire people that aren't shy to take on the tough subjects and write smart, balanced opinions about them. Linda is one of those people, and I've learned a lot from her blog. She's also a kiwi (which is almost as good as being an Aussie), and a super-nice person to boot - plus she so very kindly gave me a shout-out.

Patty and Bil at Pancakes Gone Awry

What can I say, I just love these guys. If they didn't already have a house full of kids I would ask them to adopt me. They're the very definition of good people, and meeting them is one of the coolest things to happen to me this year.

Jill at Yeah. Good Times.

See this link here? Hands down one of the funniest things I've ever read. Plus! Plus! Jill is not only hilarious but smart and kind, and (despite her best efforts to deny it) one of the best-hearted people you'll bump into on the internet. Also, she picked my blog as her blog of the month so you know the lady has impeccable taste.

Jean at Stimeyland

Stimey has done more for me than she'll ever know. She's been my inspiration and entertainment, and now I get to call her friend (at least until the restraining order kicks in). I love everything she's ever written, but this post really hit me where I live. Thank you for everything, Stimes.

Lexi at Mostly True Stuff

Okay, nobody tell her this but I love Lexi. I love her hard. She consistently makes me laugh, then cry, then go awwww, then laugh again. Her blog is the best thing since sliced Gosling and I want to have her babies.

Sharon at The Awful Truth

It's so cool when you meet someone that you click with, who also happens to be as smart as they are crazy. Sharon has been a great support, both online and off, and I'm really grateful that our paths have intersected. She's taking a break from writing, but her blog makes for thought-provoking and moving reading so make sure you check it out.


See what I mean? AWESOME PEOPLE. And that's just the first round! There's another whole bunch of people I need to say thanks to at some point because yep, I am just that lucky.

So to everyone who's stopped by, read, shared, commented, emailed, chatted, messaged, tweeted and otherwise shared their life with me this year, I extend to you a big warm gooey virtual hug of thanksyness.

Image: Kristina Alexanderson

Friday, 16 November, 2012