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16 August, 2017

Giving away stuff is one of my favourite things to do, and I really look forward to doing the regular giveaways with the Snagglebox newsletter group. This month I've chosen three gift packs that will come in handy for teachers, parents and homeschoolers. There's something for everyone!

Pack #1: Scotch thermal laminator & Fiskars 12" paper trimmer - Protect your printables! Cover your cards! Trim your hedges! (Disclaimer: probably don't use your paper trimmer for gardening)

Pack #2: Rainbow sound & water colour stackable blocks - great for sensory play and visual stimming!

Pack #3: Farmers market colour sorter & mini muffin math sorter - These use pinchers and scoops to sort objects by colour or number, so they're great for fine motor work too.


Want a chance to win one of these packs? Just join the Snagglebox newsletter using the form below and you'll receive a link to the entry form. Entries close August 25 so be quick! 

Snagglebox will always be an ad-free zone, so this is not an affiliate or sponsored post. I just appreciate you guys, and want to pay it forward by sharing some stuff that I think could be really useful for you.

The giveaway has now closed. Congratulations to Aimee, Linda, Shannon and Sarah!

14 August, 2017

I've added a couple of new resources to the Snagglebox store on Teachers Pay Teachers this week:

Autism Back to School Kit

This useful little kit has six different resources that have been specifically designed to help you support your autistic students as they settle in to their new surroundings.

Autism Group Work Support Kit

This huge 10-pack bundle of tools will help autistic students find success with team work. It includes icebreaker games, group badges and table labels (to help students remember and find their group without needing to use facial recognition), a social story, troubleshooting worksheet and loads more.

I've also updated the Autism Classroom Essentials Kit to now include both of the above kits, as well as the Schedule Cards, Transition Counters and Advocacy Help Cards packs. It's great value!

14 August, 2017

It's that time of year again! Many of you are heading back to school in the coming weeks, so if you need a little help easing that transition for your kids please check out the Autism Back to School Tips article. There's a big bunch of prep ideas, and it's even got a bonus download with a handy checklist!  =)

5 February, 2017

I've got a bunch of new classroom resources to share on the Downloads page this week!

Like these 'Spot the Sensory Signs' posters that will help you to learn the clues that someone is seeking or avoiding sensory input, or experiencing sensory overload. These are so important to watch out for so you can step in and offer the right supports.

There's also a list of classroom-friendly stimming ideas, schedule cards, 'I need help' cards and transition counters - pop over to the Downloads to check 'em out!

3 February, 2017

Have you been wanting to try a sensory body sock? These awesome stretchy spandex tubes are great for calming and sensory regulation, and I'm giving one away this month to a Newsletter subscriber. So if you'd like a chance to win (and get the monthly Snagglebox newsletter), just pop your name into the subscribe form!

Update: The giveaway closed on Feb 28 and the winner was Katie L. Congratulations! More giveaways coming soon.

19 November, 2016

Want a whole big bunch of autism tips for the holidays?

Well you're in luck because I've put them all together into a handy guide for you. In fact, it's called The Super Handy Guide To Planning Autism-Friendly Celebrations, and it's now available as a free download over on the Downloads page.

There are also a couple of new articles that you might want to check out:

Happy holidays everyone!

19 November, 2016

Hi everyone!

This month's exclusive giveaway for members of the Snagglebox Newsletter is a 5 lb weighted lap blanket. Just the thing to snuggle up with in the wintry months ahead (or take refuge under during all the hustle and bustle of the holidays).

Want to enter for a chance to win? Join the newsletter before December 3 and you'll automatically go into the draw.

UPDATE: The lucky winner was Jessica, who'll be putting the blanket to good use in her classroom with some of her students. Congratulations, Jessica!


7 August, 2016


I've got a classroom sensory pack to give away!

It's got all sorts of cool fidgets and sensory toys that would be handy in the classroom (and at home too!).

  • 2 x Liquid motion bubblers - a little lava lamp that you can flip over like an hourglass, awesome for visual stimming
  • Monster headband headphones - soft washable headband with tiny speakers inside, great for kids who can't tolerate earbuds
  • 3 x Tangle Jr twisty fidget toys
  • Hand therapy stress ball - great for both anxiety relief and hand strengthening work
  • 8" Time Timer - really helpful visual display of time remaining, makes transitions a lot easier for kids who struggle to conceptualize time
  • Mini wooden fidget puzzle

Seriously, how cute are those monster headphones? I want a pair!

For your chance to win, just sign up for the Snagglebox newsletter and you'll automatically be entered in the giveaway.

Entries close August 19

Snagglebox will always be an ad-free zone, so this is not an affiliate or sponsored post. I just appreciate you guys, and want to share some stuff that I think could be really useful for you.

So whether you're a parent feeling the squeeze of all the back to school expenses, or a teacher trying hard to stock your classroom on your own dime, this pack could really come in handy. 

Good luck!
~ Bec


UPDATE: The giveaway has now closed and the lucky winner is Carla. Thanks to everyone who entered!



15 October, 2014

Image: HibaHaba

Celebrations and holidays can be a particularly overloading time for kids (and adults!) with autism, sensory issues and other special needs. Over the years I've figured out lots of ways to make these occasions more accessible for me and my kids, so that everyone can participate if they want to.

In this month's guest post at Glade Run, I share some of the tips that have made celebrations more fun for our family. Just in time for Halloween!

Tips For An Inclusive Halloween

14 October, 2014

You're looking mighty fine this morning.