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My name is Bec Oakley, I’m an autistic writer and disability educator who's been helping people to understand autism for nearly twenty years. 

I live in Australia where I homeschooled my two wonderful kids, both of whom are also autistic and are now fantastic young adults. My career has taken me down some pretty interesting and varied paths - I started out in autism research, taught psychology at university and somehow ended up as a writer and data analyst. But since autism is such a huge part of how my family and I experience the world, I'm really passionate about helping people understand more about it. 

Along with the resources you'll find on my website, I've presented many webinars and workshops for schools and nonprofits, and written a children's book series about disability. Some of the places I’ve been interviewed include BBC News and Babble, and my work has appeared on sites like The Mighty and Expert Beacon.  

I really hope that these resources help you to understand more about autism, provide you with support and help you to create positive experiences for the autistic people in your life. If I can be of any help at all, or if you have questions or suggestions, please use the contact form to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

~ Bec Oakley


Snagglebox FAQ


What's Snagglebox all about?

Snagglebox is primarily a place that supports anyone looking to understand more about autism - autistic people, their parents and families, teachers, health professionals. I aim for honest, practical but encouraging help and useful information explained simply. I also write about other things here too, like being a parent and homeschooling and life.

What will I find here?

There are three main sections to the site:

  • Articles - Information about autism, support for families
  • Blog - News, stories and links to interesting things
  • Downloads - Handy resources and printables

Who writes Snagglebox?

My name is Bec Oakley (you can read more about me up there ^^)

Why do you spell things wrong?

I'm Australian, so I do odd things like throw around extra U's in words like behaviour and call vacations 'holidays'. 

Why do you use 'autistic' instead of 'person with autism'?

I understand that many people have been taught that person-first language is the respectful way to refer to people with disabilities - and indeed this is the case for many disability groups and communities. It is not the preference for many people in the autism community. I choose to use the word 'autistic' throughout my articles and blog, and I explain more about that here and here.

What's a Snagglebox?

Just a word that I made up.

How come there are no comments on your posts?

I want this to be a safe space, and for me that means having comments turned off. I want to protect both myself and my readers from spam and trolls, and it can be really time-consuming to monitor comments. That's time that I’d rather spend writing more content. The internet is also a noisy place, and sometimes it can be nice to have a quiet corner to read and think away from the chatter.

But I do love hearing from people so find me on Facebook or you can email me directly using this contact form.

Can I get new articles sent to my inbox please?

Sure thing! Subscribe to the RSS feed.

Can I reprint your articles?

Content on Snagglebox can usually be reproduced in hard copy non-commercial forms such as newsletters if you contact me first to ask permission. For other non-commercial website use, please use only a paragraph or two with a link back to the original post. No content may be used for commercial use. Attribution must be given to Bec Oakley at

Will you promote my product?

Sorry, Snagglebox is an ad-free zone so I don't accept submissions for sponsored posts.



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